David Gee Glass

My work

As a beginner, my work in glass is about experimenting, learning, trying out new ideas, and most of all, enjoying the huge satisfaction of making something attractive!  I know that most of what I've made reflects my amateur status, but there are a few pieces that I'm really proud of.

In any case I do just love the rich, vivid colours and wonderful effects that light produces in glass. 

Playing with glass

I was a fairly reluctant participant in an introduction to glassblowing class at London Glassblowing in 2009 but it was a present from my lovely wife so I went along.  To my great surprise I was thouroughly absorbed by every moment of it and returned home with a big smile and full of satisfaction.  I was smitten!  I loved working with the hot glass at such close quarters, how it moves and flows.  I loved the vibrant colours and how even simple pieces of glass transform light.

Feel free to look through these pictures of a sample of my work. Forgive the photography - that's mine too and I've discovered that photographing glass is a specialist art form in itself!  I'll try to get better photos sometime.  If you have any questions, please contact me.


Recent pieces

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Skyline bowl and small smoky vase, made at Edinburgh College of Art, March 2017.
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